Who We Are

The idea that spawned Ixanos Limited in August 1999 had its origins in the Organization of American States (OAS), a sponsored project at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of The West Indies (UWI), as the Real Time Systems Group (RTSG).

This was originally the Micro-Processor Development Project that aimed to produce a cadre of Systems Development Engineers and research scientists to support the regional industries in the then new emerging microcomputer technologies.

Ixanos Limited is now a privately owned company spun out from under the original Real Time Systems Group, and supports the development of new unique industry systems as well as supporting third party systems of all types.

It is indeed the first private sector company in Information Technology spawned by UWI.

Ixanos maintains the genuine ethos to building the economy of the country and the region through aiding entrepreneurial development and Industry support.

Ixanos is partnered with many global technology companies including Telecommunications, Power Generation and Distribution, Business Support Systems, Water Utilities as well as Manufacturing and in doing so enabling Technology hybrid holistic solutions.

What We Do

Ixanos™ strives to provide professional technology engineering and software services; to apply new technology, knowledge and expertise to build the Business, Utility and Industry infrastructure of Trinidad and Tobago and by extension, CARICOM.

We firstly specialize in the development of business-class or enterprise software for management, marketing, and mission-critical environments. Secondly, we innovate in various fields such as: Web Development, 3D Animation, E-Commerce,Web Services and Mobile Applications, Telecommunications services, Value Chain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Client-Server Solutions, Remote Systems Monitoring, Implementation of RFID Asset Tracking Systems & Bar coded Inventory Management systems.

Consulting, evaluating, and deploying technology-based systems, and actively developing our own uniquely-suited applications in health information management, accounting software integration, RFID asset inventory management and Smart card solutions.

Drafting and building e-commerce websites, developing the GeoZone™ advertising platform and customizing CRM/ERP and mobility solution software.

Actively developing intelligent control room decision support/real-time interactive systems software such as (Electrical Utility Generation Economic Load Dispatch) GEMS: ELD and (Network Quality Management System) NQMS.


Lest we forget:

Remember always; that it is the nature of the warrior to act.
Do not be daunted by the formidable strength of the opposition.
Do not be depressed by the doom and gloom predictions.

A true warrior must welcome challenge and transform the impossible into the possible.
Because we are living in these times, it is your task with Ixanos to confront situations created by human ignorance and apathy and focus our energy and actions through love for the future and for the children of all the children of all the species.

There are only four job descriptions that exist:

  • The Thinkers: Conceptualize the solution with how it will work and fit in to making a New Reality.
  • The Builders: Convert these ideas into reality.
  • The Improvers: Make this reality better.
  • The Producers: Do the work over and over again, delivering quality goods and services to the company's customers in a repeatable manner.

Working with Ixanos requires you to be the top three.
................................ We shall leave the last for the Factory Workers.

Stephen King,
Chief Executive Officer,
July 7, 2013.

Ixanos™ has a team of dynamic and intelligently talented individuals who are focused and dedicated on delivering quality service to the customer in a timely manner. Our aim is to assist you with our technology expertise to make your business run more efficiently, provide business performance visibility and profitability and increase growth potential.

Let us work for you


  • Additional Overhead expenses.
  • Products that don't fit the local market.
  • Merry- go-round peak hour calls for technical support.


  • Visibility and Accountability on projects.
  • Local technical support where needed.
  • Technical expertise from Subject Matter Experts (SME).
  • Cost effective business technology solutions.

Contact our team leads

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen King

Steven Patrick

Niren Orie

Think you're ready for the challenge?
Join Ixanos™!

We rely on enthusiastic, proactive employees who enjoy thinking outside the box and are ready to spread innovative technology solutions.

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October 24

Ixanos™ Ltd. Prize

For the student with the most innovative Level 3 Special Project.

● 6:30pm | Max Richards Building, University of The West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad.


September 25

Business Performance Optimization Workshop

Discover and Harness Full Business Performance Potential

● 4:00pm | The Hotel Normandie and Conference, #10 Nook Avenue, St. Anns, Trinidad.

View Workshop Materials

To be announced

Intelligent Engineering Brainstorm

Identify the potential for new design and development, meet the specialists within Industry.

● Time pending | The Hotel Normandie and Conference, #10 Nook Avenue, St. Anns, Trinidad.

April 29 & 30

One Day Health Seminar

Medical management of hospitals and other health institutions.

● 9:00am ~ 4:00pm | UWI inn Conference Centre in St. Augustine, Trinidad, and Kariwak Village in Tobago.

April 20 ~ May 1

Open Source Software Workshop

Pesented by Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas (UCI), Cuba. Contains two workshop levels.

● 9:00am ~ 4:00pm | UWI Campus, St. Augustine, Trinidad.

February 25

One Day ERP Workshop

Facilitated by the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturer's Association.

● 9:00am ~ 2:00pm | TTMA's Boardroom, #42 Tenth Avenue, Barataria, Trinidad.


October 9 ~ 11

Innovation Village

Part of the VIII Americas Competitiveness Forum

● 9:00am ~ 6:00pm | Jean Pierre Complex, Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad.

July 2 ~ 5

15th Annual Trade & Investment Convention

Creating opportuinities, driving growth!

● Time unknown | Centre of Excellence, Macoya, Trinidad.