Website & Web Design Solutions

We design creative, interactive, impressive websites that are highly usable, fully responsive, easy to customize and mobile friendly.

Our designs aim to deliver:

  • Maximum return on investment.
  • Maximum return on business and marketing objectives.
  • Increase search engine visibility.
  • Increase in customers.
  • Quality user experience.


Domain Name

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We provide domain name registration services.


Search Engine Optimization
Increase your presence and drive.


Boost your revenue
We will help you increase sales online by setting up an online database.

Back Office Integration

Connect with your frontline
Integrate the functions on your website with automated updates to your back office.

Graphic Design

Unleash your creativity
Our designs are created with originality and style that matches each customer’s requirement.

3D Animation

Art in Motion
Ixanos Team continuously explores & researches tools and techniques to develop 3D animation designs & solutions.

Latest Solution


ResQ™ is a service uniquely designed to provide on the ground Rapid Location Emergency Response to any live emergency you may have, accident, health, fire or crime within Trinidad & Tobago. We have provided the user portal, front-end website and the mobile app for this upcoming service.

Custom Software Development

We provide you with:

  • Quality and Adaptability.
  • Reliable long term support and development.
  • Modular: can grow as your business grows.
  • No recurring license fees.
  • Low risk.
  • Increased savings.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Improved operating efficiency.
  • Lower cost and reduced time.
  • Increased savings.

Clients come to us to:

  • Design or build a software application.
  • Enhance their existing software.
  • Build platforms to integrate existing software with another software/hardware.

We first research and analyse our client’s needs and environment and propose a design to match their ideas with our technology expertise. We are always eager to learn about new industries and providing solutions that are cost effective, fully customizable and supported by us.

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Some of our solutions


Education Management Systems

Designed to assist our clients with efficiently manage students, facilities, courses and classes on a collaborative platform.

Some of these modules include:

  • Admission Management.
  • Student Management.
  • Library Management.
  • Fees Management.
  • Accounting.
  • HR with Payroll.
  • Exam Management.
  • Student Portals.

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM solution allows our clients to:

  • Track leads and opportunities.
  • Create sales forecasts and manage calendar appointments to improve sales performance.

Document Management Systems

Instantly search and retrieve documents through a locally-hosted server. Manage user access, edit content and see version history at a glance.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP Solution is designed to integrate all modules across the value chain of the company to reduce inefficiencies and remove multiple silos while increasing visibility and traceability.

These modules include:

  • Sales > Point of Sales.
  • Warehouse Management.
  • Accounting & Finance.
  • HR with Payroll Time and Atendance.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence.

Health Information Management Systems

Our Health Solutions are designed to provide administrative and medical staff with the right tools to improve patient care, reduce waiting time and access information in real time for faster and reliable decision making and diagnosis.

These include:

  • Patient Care Management.
  • Accounting Management.
  • Hospital Enterprise Management.
  • Document Management.
  • Medical Machine interface.
  • Business intelligence & Analytics.

Open Source Solutions

Open Source has taken the world by storm with its open platforms which worldwide developers channel their software development architecture in designing systems across various industries in both the public and private sector.

Our drive at Ixanos is to help businesses locally and regionally achieve more through this global movement with our educational workshops that are hosted by our open source expert partners and software that is designed with the capabilities of being fully customizable, cost-effective and license-free.

Open source solutions give you:

  • Reliability.
  • Stability.
  • Auditability.
  • Flexibility and freedom.
  • Support and Accountability.
  • Little to no cost.


Open Source platforms are constantly evaluated for security flaws by experts around the world and are supported by regular updates and bug fixes.


With full access to the source code, Open Source platforms are simple but just as effective as their proprietary counterparts.


Implementing a solution shouldn’t take years. From discovery to deployment, Open Source platforms can be put to work in little to no time.


No recurring license fees or royalties translate into substantial savings in the long run. Open Source platforms guarantee a return on investment.

Mobile Application Solutions

Our mobile solutions prepares our clients in advance with remote access to real-time data while on the go. It integrates with all back office processes and system alerts are automated for mission-critical business processes.

Benefits include:

  • Improve customer engagement.
  • Improve business processes.
  • Enable real-time decision-making.

Mobile Services

Energy & Utilities

Empower your field operators with our flexible, easy to use, mobile application solution services for data collection, system monitoring and reporting.


Secure mobile forms that are integrated with the internal office systems for data capture, research and analytics.

Warehouse & Retail

Manage your sales pipeline from Leads to Potential to Sale while streamlining your inventory data collection processes and improving the productivity and output of your workforce.


Enhance patient experience through paperless medical records and increase communication and faster response times by integrating our mobile solutions with your HIMS and EMR systems.