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Build your customer
satisfaction and loyalty

Build your customer satisfaction and loyalty

NQMS (Network Quality Management System) is a suite of (web, desktop and mobile) applications designed to monitor and evaluate the quality aspects of both fixed and wireless networks.

The NQMS suite consists of 3 applications:


Enhances the customer experience from both the customer's and provider's end by capturing end to end voice quality and data connections directly from a mobile device and evaluating through network visibility and analysis using geospatial visualizations.

NQMS Wireless

Service providers will have the ability to evaluate their networks from a "user's" perspective through air interfaces.

NQMS Wireline

Monitor your landline quality using real time data analytics extracted and transformed from both legacy and next generation switches respectively

Key Features (NQMS Suite)

  • GIS to easily target hotspots for emergency troubleshooting.
  • Trouble ticket handling.
  • Auto generated mobile alerts.
  • Intelligent Data Analysis tools.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize performance with complete network visibility.
  • Enhance customers' experience.

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Customer Satisfaction

Ixanos Solutions are customized to our requirements, the customer to vendor relationship has evolved into a Business partner relationship where we have seen Ixanos aggressive in auditing the delivered solutions to ensure there is an ideal fit with our needs. Coupling this with open dialogue to arrive at the most reasonable solution cost lends further confidence in the value of the delivered services by Ixanos.

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