Frequently Asked Questions

Independent Consultant

As an independent consultant you will need an expert team like Ixanos to bring your concept, research and system design to reality either as a prototype or a completely managed, implemented and marketed system.


If you are a Business; Ixanos can provide designed solutions to provide business operational support systems, Business intelligence creation as well as operational back office systems including intra network infrastructure - all serviced from concept through to completely managed system implementation.


If you are a Manufacturer; Ixanos can supply consultancy to design vendor independent hardware systems for automation, engineering applications and continued systems support. We can also analyze business work flow providing a complete set of business support systems and software tools specific to your company's needs.


Ixanos will design and provide engineering systems and supporting software for Business Operations, Engineering Systems , Monitoring and Control, Facilities Management and a suite of applications geared to the way you do business to ensure consumer and regulatory satisfaction in the Water, Electricity or Telecommunications environment.

Engineering System

If you use high end Engineering Systems, Ixanos can supply supporting software and systems for control, monitoring and enhanced operation. Ixanos possesses a team of Engineers with experience that ranges from Telecommunications, Wireless Communications to Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering.


As an entrepreneur: Ixanos can provide a confidential think tank and development environment unavailable in the traditional company model. Ixanos can bring the idea from concept through to managed implementation leading the way to Intellectual property protection.

Foreign Business Partnering

Regional Partnering is enhanced because of the Ixanos' mixed-expertise team and geographic location. We can supply third party support, system integration and enhanced software development for foreign companies which vend developed products and systems and wish to gain market share in Trinidad and Tobago and the CARICOM Region.