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Intelligent Engineering Brainstorm
Take a fresh look at the world. Promote your world of ideas.

Day: Place:

Wednesday 29th April, 2015

Hotel Normandie at #10 Nook Avenue.
Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad

Free Admission

You are specially welcomed to partake in this exercise and identify the potential for new design and development. Meet the specialists within the industry. Be part of developing the future value economy: ask probing questions and identify your potential for automated decision support systems.

The objective of the intelligent Engineering Brainstorm is to investigate technology relevant to such systems as mentioned below, and to discuss techniques with potential for embedded Intelligence such as mentioned below:

Relevant Technology

  • Cloud Platforms
  • Telemetry
  • Mobile Applications
  • Open Source Tools
  • ...And more

Embedded Intelligence Techniques

  • Decision support algorithms
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Machine Learning
  • And any others

By getting involved you will be enabled to develop a commercial product in which you will have ownership.

Be part of developing the future value economy!

Share this and invite any fellow brilliant minds!

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