Business Solution Consulting

Ixanos™ offers unparalleled industry expertise to each individual client to help uncover their needs and requirements for a logically preferred outcome.

We aim to meet those needs through the best possible innovative solution, identifying best practice and delivering within budget, and technical constraints.

Business Process Re-engineering

Ixanos™ team provides a framework approach that involves the rethinking and redesigning of an organization’s key business processes to achieve maximum improvement in performance and operating efficiency through recommendations or implementation of business solutions.

We work very closely with our clients, mapping out processes, identifying gaps and cross referencing and recommending from a leadership to ground level to eliminate any inefficiencies or wastage.

Software as a Service

Ixanos Software as a Service (SaaS) offers our clients the option to alleviate their business and IT challenges through a pay-for-use or subscription basis.

Benefits include:

  • Lower cost:
    • No license fee.
    • No need to purchase hardware.
    • Pay for what you need.
  • Stability.
  • Seamless integration and scalability.

System Integration

Enterprise software has a huge impact on how a business performs and analysis of its productivity levels.

We are here to provide a solution to meet your demands of the needed visibility and traceability through system integration in order to share, extract or aggregate needed data in real time.

Technical Support & Services

Ixanos™ extends its General Business through client support on all software system implementation through a Service Level Agreement (SLA). We give our clients full access to our technical staff where needed and we guarantee 100% optimal system uptime and addition of hardware where needed.

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Ixanos™ aims to make technology simple. We offer training to our clients on all implemented technology solutions to ensure their needs and objectives are met.

Our training ranges from technical to hands on classroom styled to CD or Book based self-paced. Introductory Computer Literacy training can also be provided where needed.