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The public's opinion of a Company and its products/services can make or break it. We have worked with MKA, a marketing company with years of experience, and we have developed a holistic system for most companies' marketing needs.

We align our clients’ demands with enterprise wide, interoperable solutions that help increase performance, revenue and profit margins within their organizations, while improving on customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Customer Relations Management.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • Sales Force Automation.
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Mass SMS Gateway

  • SMS rates per message at:
  • API available to integrate into any application.

Remote Survey

Remote survey is a system which allows a company to host various surveys which can be conducted via various methodologies.

  • Sending out emails with links to the survey.
  • An Android and IOS application which allows real time field response upload to the server. This eliminates wasted time and human resources on compiling data before analysis.

These surveys also have added logic not found within most survey systems:

  • GPS and Timer Validation for surveys on Mobile applications for our goal is to combine the quality and rigour of the best academic research with the creativity, cost effectiveness and quality of service to being the best commercial survey firm in the region.
  • Conditional Logic for nullifying questionnaires based on criteria.
  • Skip Logic to avoid unwanted questions, for seamless use.
  • Data Types per question to pre-empt unwanted answer types.


Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM system allows users to better develop a relationship with their clients, offering campaign analytics, results-based management of marketing focus as well as the ability to communicate via SMS, telephone or email, all from within the CRM.

Key features and benefits:

  • Remote Survey.
  • SMS / Email Marketing.
  • Social media pushes and analytics of social media pages (Likes and Views etc).
  • Pipeline Analysis.
  • Contact management.
  • Outlook Integration.
  • Reporting.
  • Increase lead generation.
  • Reduce sales cycle and improve win rates.
  • Automated workflow to replace repetitive manual processes.
  • 360 degree communication via mass email and mass sms or phone integration.
  • Automate marketing campaigns.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our ERP solution gives you Real-time full visibility and traceability on all movements across the Value Chain of your organization resulting in proactive decision making, elimination of redundant processes and multiple systems with reduce overhead expenses and operating costs. It is modular and fully customizable and easy to integrate with existing systems.

The modules include:

  • Sales Management.
  • Warehouse/Inventory Management.
  • Finance & Accounting Management.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Supply Chain.
  • Project Management.
  • Human Resources with Payroll.
  • Point of Sale.
  • Reporting.
  • Website Integration.
  • E-commerce Integration.

Key features and benefits:

  • Management of separate geographic locations on one technology platform.
  • Complete visibility and management of multiple geographic locations across each Value Chain.
  • Automated workflow for faster completion of processes.
  • Collaborative platforms for staff and management.
  • Cross-currency Operation.
  • Integration with other systems since the software code is open.
  • Human Resources with Payroll.
  • Integrate with web based company web presence and e-commerce functionality.
  • Improve productivity with anywhere anytime accessibility.
  • Faster decision making time with analytic dashboards and dynamic reporting.

Mobile Sales Force Automation

The Mobile Sales Force Automation allows your sales team to focus more on the art of selling as all crucial information is now at their fingertips. Businesses will now have the opportunity to improve their efficiency and increase turnover while serving their customers and increasing sales in real-time with the:

Key features and benefits:

  • Fast order entry
  • Real-time inventory check
  • Reduce order errors
  • Reduce paper work
  • Access customer information anytime needed
  • Delivery and status alerts
  • Track orders


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